Всё начинается с чьей-либо мечты
just give me some more time.
let's say till the end of this week.
and i'll be able to let you go.
i'll still love you. and will still miss you.
but i will accept new rules. adopt new course.
i will finally face the future - one without you.
i'll move on.
not pretend that i did but for real.
i'm almost there.

and for some reason it seems like the first time in my life when i'll move on consciously.
not running away and hiding. not depending on time healing and treating from pain.
but moving on with my eyes wide open and straight-backed.
first time when i'm ready to draw the line.
not leaving back entrances wide open and secretly hoping he'd use it.
ready to close the chapter. and start a new one with no evident references.

i don't wanna do that.
but it feels like i almost did.

gosh, i miss you. and love you.
but i'll do without you.

what are we doing, roy? what are we doing?
after that there will be no way back.

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