Всё начинается с чьей-либо мечты
the trick is not to intercross.
brian - our with roy mutual friend - mentioned him today.
he only skated over roy. but i shivered.
said roy's lost. that he's not himself.
but that brought me to the realization that he's in fact not that far away but not with me.

i talked to anna - my and ilya's friend from russia.
we were recalling ilya. our basis.
one of very few people in the whole world you wanna listen to.
the one you'd follow wherever he takes you. the one whose word you'd believe.
without any hesitation. without a shadow of doubt.
the one who's always right.
and even if you don't see it the same way now, you know that's true.
if only he was here. if only i could talk to him.

i'm moving to another city. probably even sooner than was planned - in the end of february.
and before i do that i wanna take a leave and go to moscow .
not because i have to go there. cause i wanna spend a couple of weeks there.
to set the record straight.
maybe i want this to be this grown-up mature visit.
to come where i came from. and not to run away.
Сколько раз я вернусь -
но уже не вернусь - словно дом запираю..(c)joseph

maybe it's another infant delusion,
but for the first time in my life i feel like i got more mature over the past year.

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