Всё начинается с чьей-либо мечты
Первый шок скоро утонет,
Я переименую тебя в телефоне -
Будет строго теперь
И вряд ли
Пригодится еще...
haven't heard this song before.

anna texts me: 'think you're alone? you wish! i'm on your shoulder'.
i don't run from people, i'm not in isolation
the way i used to do when something was wrong.
i can talk. including us with roy.
i'm not saying i get into details - i never tell a lot about my private life to anybody with just a couple of exceptions.
it's my treasure. mine and roy's in this case.
i won't share it with anybody. that's mine.
i fervently protect it from other's eyes.
but i talk. i can say that we're off.
and smile. not happily but intelligently.
that's new.

as if something cracked inside of me.
something changed.
something switched me over to the next stage, next level -
the one i've never seen before.
and i don't know if i like it
but have no choice but to obey and adopt new regulations of the game called life.

it's just that from time to time i wanna come over,
put my hands on your cheeks, meet your eye
and ask silently: 'what are we doing?'.

but then this intention passes by.
like a fleeting flashback, elusive fata morgana.
which fades away and i find myself back in this new level
i'm not used to yet.

and on this new level i'm thinking of a trip to italy.
joseph always said italy should be visited in winter.
well, maybe i won't make it till the end of winter,
but hopefully the beginning of spring would go?
wanna go there alone. walk. smoke. watch.
enjoy the beauty. drink wine and eat the finest pizzas.

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2011-01-10 в 14:33 

Верь мне - я твой покой, только говори со мной... Только не замечай в моих темных глазах печаль (с)
это не земфира, это таня зыкина - голоса несколько похожи :)

2011-01-24 в 23:22 

Всё начинается с чьей-либо мечты
.:Лиса:. da, ja uje udivlyalas slishkom pryamomu tekstu dlya zemfiri i pbnarujila, 4to eto zikina.
hotya mne kidali pesnu imenno kak zemfiru.
i v seti mnogo sporov na temu ispolnitelya, kstati.
no ne zemfira, fact.

2011-01-25 в 09:45 

Верь мне - я твой покой, только говори со мной... Только не замечай в моих темных глазах печаль (с)
amelfa, это точно она, Таня, - видео с концертов есть :)


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