Всё начинается с чьей-либо мечты
he came over this friday.
met me in front of my office.
said he needed 5 minutes to talk to me.
i nodded.
we walked to jar's car i came by.
we got in.
i looked at him.
'why are you looking at me like this? think you'd find something in my eyes?' he smirked.
'there's nothing i'd find,' i replied.
he smiled and started kissing me.
tenderly. then passionately. then slowly again. and faster.
then he touched my cheek with his fingertips.
i forgot how to breathe.
he groaned.
moved a little bit away and asked, 'you'd kill me?'.
'your time is up. go,' i managed to say.
he kissed me quickly once more. opened the door. kissed me again.
and was gone.

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