Всё начинается с чьей-либо мечты
just got a call from my boss mr thompson saying that tomorrow my business trip starts.
thus now i'm packing my things cause tomorrow afternoon i'm heading to new york.
where i will have business lunches and dinners with partners
in addition to speeches and presentations i'd have to make.
one of our best analysts george will be there to accompany and support me.
and george is very experienced and wise man,
watching him carrying on negotiations with general directors and accountants is always a pleasure.
i wish i understood all the underflows of such conversations!
george hates driving
so after these meetings i'm the one at the wheel
and i'm also the one who keeps asking questions about everything what has been said.
cooperation with george is definitely one of the most rewarding and remarkable experiences in my working proccess.
he would give me another lecture over smoking
however i'm happy he's the one going with me
not anybody else.
it should all go well.
i'm excited!
i need a change of scene badly!
it should help.
it's new york, baby!

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