Всё начинается с чьей-либо мечты
i came to roy's office yesterday after work.
at 18.30 i was there.
i was riding when i saw his car speeding towards me.
he opened a window and stoped.
i stoped too. and smiled so happily for the first time in days
seeing his amazement.
i opened my window too.
the car going after me was already beeping.
'what are you doing here?' toy asked in astonishment.
'i wanted to say hi if you're still here. hi,' i simply replied still smiling.
'you're crazy,' roy said so tenderly and softly.
nobody can call me crazy with such dearness, delicacy and tenderness.
the car was still beeing.
i laughed and hit the gas pedal.
and saw him leaving too in my rear-view mirror.
moment of pure happiness.

i've accepted matt's offer.
asked my boss if i could have a vacation.
my amazing boss said, 'mel, in our business there's never a good time to leave. so go whenever you want, don't even ask.'
and just texted patient matt that i am in fact going.
he called back, 'are you sure?'
'i told you. yeah,' i said.
and he as usual never asked me any questions cinserning why its taking me so long to make up my mind.
wednesday we're goin to a coffee house my friend ethan opened recently
and i wanted to show to roy so badly.
but it'll be matt i'll meet there.
we'll book our hotels in portugal.
and in less than two weeks we'll go there.

and i've never ever said anything like that.
but this never happened to me before.
i've never loved anybody so strongly.
i don't wanna underestimate artyom or alexander.
but it was different.
i never wished i'd meet them in some ten years and get a second chance.
and here i want this chance.
i wanna be with him, maybe later, but i want that so.
cause i really don't feel like i would ever meet anybody so close.
anybody so meant for me.
anybody making me feel the way i feel when i'm with roy.
we match.
we make each other better.
when we're together we're different.
when there's just the two of us
there're real us.
not the ones known even by close friends.
there're genuine him and me.
known by nobody else but each other.
getting together is like getting home after a long and adventurous vacation/business trip.
a vacation we feel the need to share with each other finally
and stay home.

when i was completely jacked up a couple of weeks ago,
didn't know what to do with my job and life in general
i had no doubts about whom i would go to.
and roy had no doubts whether he would be there for me or not.
course he was.
he's always been.
he kept me under scrutiny, gave advices and was total support.
we talked for hours.
only a few days ago he told me that
that evening an old friend of his came to the city for just a few hours
and they were supposed to meet.
and of course they didn't cause roy spent the whole evening with me.
'will asked me, who the hell is she for you now?' roy told me, 'you'll meet her tomorrow.'
'what did you say?' i asked in turn.
'to will? i said no, she's not a kind of girl to keep her waiting, that's all.'
'so much,' i said after a pause.
'you too,' he simply replied.

so much, roy.
i love you so much.

please can we be together someday? for real?

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